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Nisha Shankar


I'm a first generation Canadian, born in the prairies and now living in Vancouver, BC. My time is divided between art, screenwriting, and working with animals. I have a background in Religious Studies and Buddhist philosophy, and I aim to bring kindness, compassion and mindfulness to all of my work.

style + process



I'm a mixed medium contemporary artist who works with acrylic, watercolour, ink, and photography. I like to use multiple materials at a time (including my own hands) to find a more primal connection with my art. I work in large and small scale, on paper and canvas, and in short time frames. I find myself inspired by movement, colours, and layers, and I enjoy playing with the juxtaposition of chaos and balance in my work. My goal is to challenge people with my art, and without assigning any specific meaning to any given piece, I like to incorporate abstract poetry for an added layer of thought provocation. My latest pieces have focused on the relationship between humans and nature, surrender and control, and ultimately finding a deeper understanding of the world around us.


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